Channing Tatum Sunglasses

Its been said that Channing Tatum is too cool for school, however it now appears that he is also too cool to wear sunglasses, as we see here in this photo with Channing Tatum donning a pair of sunglasses in his mouth.

Its been one of those type of days...

Channing Tatum And Wife Matching Tattoos?

I heard that Channing Tatum and his wife got matching tattoos, they read "side by side" in Balinese, and Channing's tattoo is said to be located on the side of his chest around the rib cage.

Does anyone have a picture of his tattoo design? If so, please send it this way!

Channing Tatum Wallpapers

Here we have a special treat for all you Channing Tatum fans!

Some of the best sexy desktop wallpapers of the studly actor, perfect way to bring the actor home with you.

Channing Tatum Wallpapers

Channing Tatum Height

Channing Tatum seems to always be in tip top physical shape with what i imagine must be a hefty workout routine.

Channing Tatum really loves to keep that 6 feet i inch body in great shape.

Channing Tatum Teeth

Not only does Channing Tatum having an amazingly ripped body and the chiseled face of a Greek god, he also has some pretty nice teeth.

Just a slight bonus to the already perfect man.